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Family estrangement
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A community for people estranged from family members.
This community is for people who are estranged from their family (whether by choice or not) to find support and strength.

The rules are simple: be respectful to each other at all times.

Disagreement is fine and will happen. We're all adults, behave as such. Being an asshole is unneccessary and a mod will not hesitate to step in.

Don't take posts from the community outside of the community (snark-fodder will result in immediate banning).

Please place triggering posts behind a cut with a warning. If you don't know how to make a cut, you can learn here.

Questions? Contact the moderators via email (we_got_caught@livejournal.com or karnythia@livejournal.com) or PM.

Since posting to the community can be a little difficult, maybe an intro post will help you to open up.

Name (real or online):
Location (if you wish):
How long you have been estranged from your family/a family member:
A brief description of the circumstances surrounding the estrangement:
Anything else you think is relevant:
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